The AngelDMort Pre-Tied Turban


The Pre-Tied Turban

Hair is the most neglected part of most dancer's outfits, and the hardest to decide what to do with. Having a headdress of some sort completes your outfit, and balances your look. However, most headdresses and jewelry tend to flop around or shift when dancing.

These are pre-wrapped and stitched faux turbans, created for Tribal Dancers, based on my own agonies trying to keep my turban tied while spinning around the floor! Not to mention tying and re-tying, trying to get the look I want (have you seen how many times that one chick in the Fat Chance video re-wraps hers?)

These turbans go on like headbands or bandana hats, fitting snug across the forehead and tying in back to be quick, easy and secure. The contrasting color bands are stitched to the base in layers, so they don't slide or shift- you can pick the whole thing up by the top and not disturb the wrap. Stuff it in a bag with your other dance garb, pull it out and tie it on. Also, you can pin your kuchi jewelry directly to it without damage, and I attach my VERY heavy Kuchi Earrings to the turban base, in period style, rather than stretching my poor earlobes!

The turban base is usually a heavy cotton, unless you request otherwise, which will breathe well, and the headband version is open in the back for extra heat venting - you can pull your hair through the headband version and let it hang loose, or put it in a bun in back and not have it mashed into your head! You can pull your ponytail out of  the back of the hat version, but it's less open. 

Also, false hair or braids can be attached and hung out the back of either version if you have short hair. You can decorate the turban in countless ways ahead of an event, or add permanent embellishments to it to match an outfit.

Made in your selection of up to three colors, in either a headband or hat style, with up to three rows of rolls on the base. One color needs to be chosen for the band across the forehead. I recommend making that color the same as the outfit you want to match.

The headband style is best if you want to let long hair or braids/dreads show in the back. The hat style is better if you want to disguise short hair.

I can also decorate your turban for an additional fee - I have added shisha mirrors, coins, cowries, chains, pendants and other items to them in the past. It's not cheap, as it often takes as long as making the turban itself, and the parts have their own cost, but it's often worth the investment. 

Email me directly to order, or visit my Etsy shop!