Who I Am

Additional Information

I believe the more we learn to do, and the more we teach others to do, the better the whole world becomes. When we become people who look at a problem and think "how do I fix this" we set ourselves free to do anything.

I do... ah geez... I do so much stuff. I keep needing things and having to learn how to do new stuff, and then other people need stuff....

My talent is in creating things, fixing things, and just generally figuring things out. I am drowning in cool craft projects all the time, except when I am working on the home renovations that never end.

I am a computer tech in my day job. I install my own hardware and software, and diagnose problems for other people when asked respectfully.  I never do it for free, (unless you are Mom. Or kiddo. Or my sweetie. Or kiddo... you get the idea) but I have done it for baked goods. :) I can teach you basic computing skills, basic photo editing, and how to make a web page.

I bellydance, having started in 1996 and although I don't get to do it often, I still enjoy dancing at goth clubs, around bonfires, or anywhere the energy is good and the music moves me. I can perform, and I do teach.

I sew, and I design and make bellydance, goth, and Renaissance costuming, I usually make my own patterns.

I was a licensed massage therapist specializing in neck and shoulder pain. Now I work on friends and family. I have a chair and two tables, and a funny little face cradle that will sit on a desk when there's no room for anything bigger. I can work in my house, if you seem safe, or I can go to your location, although I may bring a safety companion.

I had an apprentice hairdressing license way back when. I still do hair and makeup for friends and family.

I am involved in animal rescue. I can show you how to provide IV fluids to an ailing pet, give you advice on how to take care of a rescued kitten, and get you in touch with people who do pet massage if your fur person has aches or arthritis.

I dabble in herbal arts. I have made therapeutic magnesium lotions, mixed aromatherapy massage oils, and plan to try soap as soon as life slows down a bit. I can give you recipes or finished products.

I do my own brakes, and can probably help you learn to do yours, as well as how to check your fluids and change a tire. In some cars, I can teach you how to replace your spark plugs and wires, filters, etc.

I am becoming knowledgeable about permaculture gardening. I can tell you how to improve your soil with things most people throw out, and how to set up a garden so that you get better food for less money, and you know what went into it and on it. I can help you set up compost, find free compost components, and get started with less work.

I find creative home decor solutions. I love finding ways to make something fabulous with the least amount of money, although it's not always the least amount of work. Sometimes more effort is worth the results.

I am VERY good at thrifting. I have often shopped for other people at thrift stores and found things they would never have imagined. I have cultivated a skill for finding out when something is worth the price, when it's a great investment, and when it could be found better elsewhere.

I have had a very... interesting life, which required a lot of growth and a lot of education into healthy communication and relationships. I have been told I am "wise and kind" when talking people through their problems to help them find a better perspective on things or a better way to do things. I have also helped people write out their thoughts when needed, helped them edit what they've written to be more accurate or concise, to clarify, or to be less confrontational, or more assertive, etc. Sometimes I just help them realize what they really want, or admit to themselves what they already know.

I have strong verbal skills, and plenty of writing experience, so I can help you set up online profiles for dating or business. I can also help you edit digital photos and art for your profile or web page.

I am involved in some alternative lifestyle activities, and have lots of valuable information to share with anyone that wants to learn and get involved. I can be a munch buddy if you want company the first time you to to an event, as well. And I can give you valuable insight on how to avoid unsafe players.