Ghwazhee Coats


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 There is still a lot of debate about the yelek, anteri, or more commonly called the ghwzahee coat, being in SCA period for belly dancers, but with Persians (Iranians) wearing an almost identical coat as far back as 800 A.D., as shown in Persian figurines, and descriptions of tapestries showing women in this type of clothing in poses identical to those in belly dance, I'm not going to worry about the outcome. It's a VERY good look,widely used in the SCA and other groups for a more period and authentic look than cabaret, and a bit easier on the bare skin for fall and winter events.

It affords cover for those who are less comfortable exposing their bellies. It adds a more stately and elegant look to the regular uniform of choli and skirt, for those who feel they are past the age of 'cute'. It can be snug and form fitting, or loose to hide figure flaws or conform to Islamic rules. It fits many area's silhouette.

I have made them from a single layer of cotton, and made them out of decorated kameezes I got in, splitting them down the front and adding hooks. I let mine fall open just under the diaphragm in summer.

  The basic gwazhee coat is made in your size from a solid color woven cotton fabric. Special request fabrics, stripes and prints will add an additional cost of $5 to $10, as I can't always find them easily and can't buy them at bulk price. I usually have some striped fabrics available - write with requests for colors before ordering/bidding.
It is unlined, so you should be less likely to overheat in summer. The arms holes are shaped for dancing - you can raise your arms straight up without it pulling up at the sides. All seams are professionally serged, and I narrow roll hem all the edges (looks like a handkerchief's edge).

Choose from a round neck, or V neck, and from sleeveless, long sleeves, long sleeves split down the top, or a medium/short sleeve with a drape of fabric about a foot long - the modern nod to the original Persian style of leaving open long sleeves that buttoned from the elbow down. It closes in the front with hooks and bound thread eyes (bartack) the way Indian kameezes do. It is mid-calf legnth, with splits on the sides and in back.

You will need to send me your waist measurement, hip measurement, underbust measurement and bra size, and possibly others depending on size and figure needs and well as your neckline and sleeves preference. This is a simple garment, made simply but sturdily, to keep costs down. Mirrors, trim and embroidery are extra.  

Email me directly, or visit my Etsy shop to order!