A few of the things I make

Cholis that fit and support

Blue tribal print V-neck AngelDMort choli with long sleeves.

Comfortable and *supportive* so they are designed to be worn braless, I make these to your bra size. Backless, in 100% cotton unless you request otherwise,so it won't over heat you while you dance (if you don't sweat, you must not be having enough fun!) and you can adjust the fit as needed. Made for active dancing - you can raise your arms straight up without it pulling up at the sides. The band at the bottom of the regular choli provides extra comfort, avoiding that 'cutting in half' feeling when tied tight, and becomes the bottom ties, for extra security. 

Email me direct, or go to my Etsy shop

Pre-tied turbans

Pre-tied AngelDMort turban decorated with Aghani Kuchi pendants and chain.

These turbans go on like headbands or bandana hats, fitting snug across the forehead and tying in back to be quick, easy and secure. The contrasting color bands are stitched to the base in layers, so they don't slide or shift- you can pick the whole thing up by the top and not disturb the wrap. Stuff it in a bag with your other dance garb, pull it out and tie it on. Also, you can pin your kuchi jewelry directly to it without damage.

Made in your selection of up to three colors, in either a headband or hat style, with up to three rows of rolls on the base. 

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Ghwazhee Coats/Anteri


 Widely used in the SCA and similar groups for a more period and authentic look than cabaret, these are bit easier on the bare skin for fall and winter events. They afford cover for those who are less comfortable exposing their bellies. It adds a more stately and elegant look to the regular uniform of choli and skirt, for those who feel they are past the age of 'cute'.  

 Choose your neckline, fabric and sleeve options. They usually close in the front with hooks and bound thread eyes (bartack) the way Indian kameezes do. Cost commonly mid-calf legnth, with splits on the sides and in back.


Wearable Art

Henna design in copper on a black tshirt

Henna style designs done in dimensional paint or bleach or glitter, hand painted items, and much more. 

Original and Custom Artwork


Fluid acrylic art, collage,  abstract expression, or whatever takes my fancy. 



Jewelry, belts, bracers, hairpieces, etc

Bustles and Capelets


Layers of ruffles and lace, on an open waistband so you can gather it up or spread it out. 

Choose your colors, your fabrics, the number of layers, etc. 

Dance sets


Matching bra and belts, or full costumes. 

RennFaire Leatherwork


Custom leatherwork to complete your look.

Turkish Vests


Underbust to add support, frame and  enrich your costume, these are great over a choli, a dance bra, or with a gwazhee coat. In brocades for a rich texture, or cotton w embroidery for a tribal look, or velvets for a classic look. 

Court and Renaissance wear


Elizabethan garb, Italian Renaissance gowns, period wear of all kinds. 

Men's Wear


Match your garb to hers, or create your own persona. All shapes and sizes. 

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