The AngelDMort Choli


The AngelDMort choli - many styles, lots of options

Comfortable and *supportive* so they are designed to be worn braless, I make these based on bra size, as it's the easiest way to get a good fit, assuming that you are wearing the proper bra for your shape and size, and you can also adjust the fit as needed to a large amount as they tie in the back. 


They are backless and unless you specify otherwise,  100% cotton so you won't over heat you while you dance (if you don't sweat, you must not be having enough fun!)  The arms are generously cut, and made for active dancing - you can raise your arms straight up without it pulling up at the sides. All seams are professionally serged, and all edges are topstitched. The band at the bottom of the regular choli provides extra comfort, avoiding that 'cutting in half' feeling when tied tight, and becomes the bottom ties, for extra security. The top ties' attachments are heavily reinforced with multiple stitching into the back edges so they don't pull loose under pressure.

I have designed versions of this choli in many to fit from a 32A to 48 H chests! I’ve been making and selling these direct and through eBay for nearly 20 years.  It will support and enhance your curves, while giving you the stability you need, so you can focus on your dancing, instead of worrying about where you curves are going! 

Plus size cholis will usually require heavier fabric. Special request fabrics and prints are possible if discussed before purchase but will add an additional cost as I can't always find them easily and can't buy them at bulk price, and matching patterns doubles the fabric and time required.

Custom orders can choose from several solid colors, and a round neck, or V neck. (Banjara style two color cholis are available, by special request.) You can choose regular short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves split down the top, full sleeves gathered at the wrist, or BIG swishy full flamenco sleeves ($5 extra). Long sleeves will be rolled hemmed edged.

You can get an apron piece added to cover your belly as well, for a slight extra charge, in which case all the edges will be rolled hemmed (like the edges of a handkerchief).  

These are easily decorated with embroidery, paint, shisha mirrors, beads, buttons, kuchi pendants, etc.  (Mirrors, trim and embroidery are extra. Email me for options.)

Wear it with a turkish vest or gwazhee coat, (see my other auctions) a sari, or by itself to dance, or just with jeans during everyday life. Apparently, several customers are wearing them instead of bras under their day clothes!

This is NOT some Wal-Mart bought shirt being resold as a dance top, or some cheap 'clubbing' or 'fashion' piece made overseas and pretending it's a dance top. This was made SPECIFICALLY for the stresses and needs of tribal style belly dance! 

Email me direct, or visit my Etsy page to order!


V-neck choli


The basic, original design, made to fit with comfort, and look appropriate in most dance styles. I have made these in almost every possible size over the last ... 20 years?  

They look great in solid colors, or prints,  plain or decorated. 

Banjhara style choli


Based on the original AngelDMort choli, so they still fit with comfort, but styled to look like the vintage Banjhara / Bandhini styles that are so distinctive but so hard to find, and nearly impossible to wear.  

Plus Size cholis


Because your size shouldn't keep you from feeling beautiful and comfortable. 

 Amelia wanted an apron on hers, as she didn't want to show her middle yet, and was very pleased with how she felt in it.

Stretchy and Velvet cholis


Because sometimes, ya gotta have something sparkly. Or maybe you just like stretchy fabrics better. 

Stretch velvet, spandex, lycra blends, glitter dot, etc. They fit slightly different, but still support, and still feel great.

Round Neck cholis


Somewhat more period looking / more traditional in appearance, a round neck choli looks fabulous when decorated, and still gives you the lift and support you expect from an AngelDMort choli.

Specialty Requests


When you need something special, unique, and just yours. These are always fun to do, but take more work, more time, and are seldom cheap.

 I can use your fabric, or work with you to order something to fit the picture in your head.