Now, you try one!.

Here it is! Your chance to start down that road to fabric addiction. Yes, I consider it an addiction when you'd rather spend on it than pay bills, when you have to lie to your friends about it, etc.
These will be added to, but then, there are PLENTY of how to pages out there, which I'll try to link to as time goes on.
If you have a specific question, drop me a line, and I'll try to get to you quickly. If you have a 'How to' request, let me know, and I'll try to accomodate. (The proper manner of address in these cases is "Oh most lovely and gracious Goddess of the Seam"...LOL!)
Just kidding. I answer to Hey you! most often, but one can dream!

Chemise / Peasant Top
(also called a choli by lots of pretenders)
A peasant top/loose shirt worn under dresses, bodices, vests, etc. Can be full legnth, hip legnth (guys, here's your shirt), or short - under the bust for a crop top. I have some in cotton and some in satin, to go with various outfits and dress styles.
SCA pants/Harem pants
Loose, comfy pants, much like sweats pants, in whatever fabric you can think of. Easily tucked into boot tops, or made extra long and full to wear as harem pants.
Make a Tassle Belt that Fits!
How to make a pattern tofit your hips, based on your measurements, and some ideas and instruction for decorating it. Wooden hair sticks
Easy to make and decorate 'sticks' to hold up hair in a mostly period manner, very period for some times. Great for sumemr days and long hair.