Our past events.

Some we merchanted, and some we just visited. I thik merchanting is more fun mainly because you have a definate place to sit and put your 'stuff', and all your friends come by and visit you instead of you running around trying to find them! Not to mention the great company that we're building - what was just me and Stacia has become a whole group of dancers and family, just hanging out selling our various wares and having a great time!
We'll sit and chat, do each other's hair, trade wares with between ourselves and other merchants (GOD you should see some of the cool stuff I've aquired that way!) munched and danced and just had a blast!I know, there's only a couple here. I've just re-designed the site, and I'm going through all the old pictures, organizing them into the different events and places we've been. I'll update this as I get time.

Border Raids 2001

Candlemass 2003
With the Namaste Tribal Dance co-op!