All of these are previous sales - presented here for you to get ideas from - more are on the way, always, and you should feel free to suggest anything you think of. If it can be done at a reasonable cost, I'd love to make it for you. If not, we might be able to find a work-around for something similar. Prices usually run from $12 for a plain bracer with no decoration to $20-$35 for a custom decorated pair, depending on the amount of time and supplies required. IE- if it takes 3 hours to carve out a special design and add gems and such, and requires 3 times the hardware, then it will cost more. If it's just some simple spots and rivets, then it won't be near as much.

I prefer payment by PayPal, which is a free service and allows you to pay from a bank account or credit card, is VERY simple to use and transfers immediately. I will accept money orders, but no personal checks until we have had a minimum of FIVE successful, trouble-free transactions. Shipping is usually about $4 with tracking service.
Click here to Email me and give me the specifics of what you want - what color, what size your wrist is, how long you want them to be, what decorations you want, or just tell me which ones you liked and I'll try to work with you to design something you'll enjoy. If you will be fighting in these and need them stronger, tell me that. If they are just decorative for Feast, tell me that too.

Clock Set