My newest idea -the no-wrap, no slip Faux Turban!

Wonderful idea! Custom designed for you in your colors! JEWELRY NOT INCLUDED! There are two designs to choose from - headband or full hat.

All prices listed are what each turban went for, not so much a 'cost for this exact item'. All prices are always negotiable, especially when things are snug! And don't forget, I barter! See my 'barter for' page.
These are pre-wrapped and stitched faux turbans, created for Tribal Dancers, based on my own agonies trying to keep my turban tied while spinning around the floor! Not to mention tying and re-tying, trying to get the look I want (have you seen how many times that one chick in the Fat Chance video re-wraps hers?)

These turbans go on like headbands or bandana hats, fitting snug across the forhead and tying in back to be quick, easy and secure. The contrasting color bands are stitched to the base in layers, so they don't slide or shift- you can pick the whole thing up by the top and not disturb the wrap- (see the photos). Stuff it in a bag with your other dance garb, pull it out and tie it on. Also, you can pin your kuchi jewelry directly to it without damage, and I attatch my VERY heavy Kuchi Earrings to the turban base, in period style, rather than stretching my poor earlobes!

The turban base is usually a heavy cotton, which will breathe well, and is open in the back for extra heat venting - you can pull your hair through the hat version and let it hang loose, or put it in a bun in back and not have it mashed into your head!(see the bottom photos) Also, false hair or braids can be attatched and hung out the back of either version if you have short hair.

Here's a link to my current Ebay auctions. I do almost all of my auctions as custom orders, so you can get what you want in the color and stye you want. If you don't see an auction for what you want, write me, and I'll send you a price. If you don't want to bid on one, you can order direct. Prices start at about $55, and go up with complexity and decoration.

My current Ebay Acutions

The Tribal adds sisha mirrors, bold trim and Afghani coins to a more simple but bold colored fabric selection to give a more authentic tribal look. Fabrics, colors and trim vary by choice, as well as placement and style of roll wraps. Also in the works is a similar style headband, with less wrapping, but more decoration for a more gypsy look, in brocades or sheers.
The most popular one - the ever loved black and gold Tudor Rose mixed with red satin brocade.
The black and gold Tudor Rose mixed with butter gold satin. As much as I loved it, I traded it for a super cool embroidered Aghani/kuchi dance belt!
I loved this lady's choice of colors, and it came out so nice!
$130 for the pair
This set was ordered for a play - I tried to get a bit more creative with the green one! What cha think?
$85 ea
A custom order headband in black satin and two similar color brocade colors. Unfortunately, the sari fabric used for this one is only avaiable at great expense- only a couple feet left.
A custom Ebay sale - tudor rose with a copper brocade. Talk about hard to find fabric!
A custom Ebay sale - silver and black brocade, wrapped with the same and a black satin for it's rolls.

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