Well, this is the 'personal stuff' page, with pics of us and us talking about us, etc... feels really egotistic, but people do ask sometimes. Have a look, don't be too obnixious, and write a note if ya feel like it. There's links to lots of stuff I consider coool here too.

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We live in Louisville, KY, in a house I'm renting from a great friend, Priscilla the Hun, (her SCA name -like I'd give out her real name...). I work at the university computer Help Desk. I'm alicenced massage therapist, specializing in whiplash, migraines and general pain relief. I make belly dance and renaissance garb, which I sell on eBay.com.  I also spend a lot of time on tribe.net.

Picture 1 - one of my creative outlets is the Society for Creative Anachronisms. I get to dance, design, sew, decorate,accessorize, build, play with knives,... anything medieval-ly oriented. We'rein the Barony of the Flame, for those that are in SCA.
So, we had an SCA wedding.  
Picture 2 - This is Michael, my hubby, on our honeymoon. He goes to events and dresses up to make me happy, and mostly enjoys the evening parties at 'wet' events. A warm summer night, a big keg, exotically dressed females dancing around a big fire with drummers pounding out a heavy beat...even he gets caught up in it. Too bad I get too pooped to party after a day of heavy merchanting sometimes.
Picture 3-Krystllien, my kiddo, runs hot and cold on it.
She usually loves the Events, loves to dress in dance garb, loves to dance with the troupe, but gets bored in an Italian Renaissance gown.

Honestly, she'd often rather go caving-dropping down into 200 foot pits, crawling through small tunnels on her elbows and knees. EW!! Clautrophobia just thinking about it!

I can get a little over-protective, you know, ready to damage anyone that makes a vaugely threatning comment, but I came by it honestly. We had to vanquish a lot of monsters to get here.

This is the Valentine he sent to me, a long time ago. It's just really sweet, so I thought I'd share it.

And this is a peice of writing I really love, which kinda sums up a lot of my life philosophies, even after the world dropped in and got pushy... I'm a lot less willing to be polite when others are openly rude, et, but this is the way life and people SHOULD be.

This is a peice I found and loved, saved and put up, and can't find anywhere else now. I lost the link, but here it is now.
The Life Cycle of Love

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I'm hoping if you're here, then you've peered at, or maybe read all of STONE,  my first novel.If so, drop me aline and let me know what you thought! The hit counter says that a couple hundred peple did, but only a few wrote to give me feedback...


Here we are, just us and the weather, someplace that doesn't exist anymore... Kiddo and I enjoying kittens on Mom's porch many years ago. It's a subdivision now, but that's another long story. Family is where you can let goof the walls. She's much bigger now, the kittens long gone, and there's a new place to hang out and watch deer from the porch swing.

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