Lord's Garb
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Mike in his jerkin, pirate shirt and bold studded leather belt - I gave the jerkin black velvet shoulders and a blue patterned brocade body, trimmed in royal blue. The belt was a 4" band covered in 1/2" and 3/8" dome studs, and the shirt is a basic yoked, cuffed and peter pan collared shirt in black cotton with some black and silver trim at collar and cuff edges.
$60 Michael looking smashing in a relatively easy Feast shirt in a velvet knit (with a Non-SCAndian guy, ya have to make allowances for comfort...)and closed at the neck with gold trimmed black velvet buttons, connected by brass chains. The cuffs are gathered in with elastic in three rows, for ease of dressing and comfort.
$65 JP, in a great unlined brocade,made with the pattern we drafted for him that weekend. We edged in in a black velvet trim, sandwiched between two different gold trims.
$50 Jp in a vest from his previous pattern plus eapaulets (I like the new eapaulet pattern better), with bolder solid colors and more velvet and gold trim.
$120 Eddie, in his half of the set he commissioned for his wife and himself. (It started out just a dress, but he suddenly found out he coulnd't just sit down for the first time and sew himself a velvet outfit!) Blrown elvet, with gold satin sleeves to fake a shirt underneath, and trim bound shoulder puffs. See what you can make in a hurry?
Mike in his simple velvet vest over a white cotton pirate shirt.(One of the outfits that got out of my hands before it was finished, and was decorated, etc a little less impressively than I would have liked. It came home after a while, and is being 're-vamped'.)

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