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Lady's Garb
For a quick fix or an 'in a hurry' situation,a simple Italian Renn can be understated or breathtaking, depending on your fabric and trim. The deep cut neckline can show off the fabric of your chemise, or showcase a new piece of jewelry. In cotton, it's summer dress for outdoors and light occasions. Inbrocade or moire', it speaks of quality and richness. Start simple if the finances are tight, then fill it out!Set it off with multiple layers of trim, add sleeves or cuffs, add a placket...It's like a muscle car- you can primp this style up forever, there's no end to the embellishment possibilities!
This is Priscilla again, in a princess line adaptation, with a full hidden corset built in. A heavy cotton velvet gave a great backdrop for the brocaded center panel, and gave extra support. In true period style, she added extra trim and the fur collar after a short time, making it a more personal design.
A princess line coathardie, in a black velvet knit - the texture was too much to resist! The downside- knits don't hold you in, so I can't relax for a second in thisdress. I guess I was spoiled by boned gowns.
Thesetwo dresses are the same basic pattern, taken from a dress Priscilla had drafted out years ago. We call it the 'Green and Gold', based on her color choices then.It is a deceptively simple Empire waist bodice that leans out off the shoulder, and lends itself VERY well to extra support for heavier chests. It is very malleable, and can be altered to fit just about any shape, as you can probably see - Mine gives me some cleavage, because I'm 'less endowed', and Angie's manages to contain her considerable 'gifts' in relative comfort. It is what I reccomend for those wanting the 'half melons on the shelf' look.
And here is my favorite-Durndles! Made once again from a pattern given me by my wonderful friend Priscilla, they are THE thing for feeling svelte and slender.The front and side seams are perfect for heavy boning, (I have used this pattern for a corset) and the back 'Y' seams create a very pleasingshape, making the wearer look more curved, yet feminine. It also works in a light summer capacity, giving lots of room for decoration with a full flowing skirt to catch the breeze.

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