Copyright Victoria Williamson 1998

"If this, our current collection of angry young men & women is going to retain the title “Generation X”, what are the semantical connotations? Following the logic of their professed beliefs, their children will truly be Generation Y/Why? Raised with the philosophy that all things are created pointless, and doomed before they start, the ideals that depression and apathy are the only feelings other than anger that are logical in the inescapable will be born into, the end result must be- Y try, Y care, Y live?

The grandchildren of Generation X then, should there be such, may truly be called Generation Z. Omega. End. Any who may have attempted to provide meaning to life will be gone, dead of old age or spiritually crushed by censure of the masses. Those who do not choose suicide will be so devoid of self- drive, so lacking in direction and motivation that they might well be the cowed, mindless automatons of Orwell’s prophecy. One hundred years late, but arrived nonetheless.

The prognosis is poor, and if they are to survive, if WE are to survive as a species, there will perforce be a caretaker. And caretakers of comatose patients seldom develop great affection for their charges…" ANgelDMort -1997

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