Hairstick instructions
Super easy! Super useful!

You'll need a 1/4 inch dowel rod, a sharp knife, and sandpaper. Up to you is - some wood stain (it comes in a marker now for small projects!) and eye screws, wood glue, shiny wire, beads with large holes, etc to decorate your sticks, and a little polyurethane ( spray or paint on, up to you).

  1. Cut a legnth of dowel about 6-8 inches long.
  2. Whittle it down to a gradual point. With a small peice (2"X2"?) of medium grit sandpaper, sand it lengthwise and around till nice and smooth. I tend to roll/spin the stick back and forth between my right fingers, pinching the other end between the folded sandpaper in the fingers of my left hand.
  3. You can carve some simple lines in the larger end, making bars or spirals around it.
    Stain your stick, and let dry in a place it won't be disturbed, preferably overnight. You might want to sand it lightly with a high-grit sanadpaper when dry, but I haven't found it necesary.
    Glue a large-holed bead on the end, wrap it with pretty wire, glue an eye screw in the bead and hang something dangly from it, say a head pin full of beads, delicate chain, short strings of beads, etc. however you want to decorate it.
    You can spritz a bit of polyurethane on it, keeping it light so it doesn't glob and make lumps, for shine and possibly added strength. This will help hold on decoration, and might help keep the tip from splitting over time, but I haven't used mine that long, and it hasn't been necessary so far.
  4. Told you it was super easy! This is a great project for that dull spot inthe middle of the event day, after you've hit hte merchants, seen the fighting, had lunch and are waiting for Court. A knife and a 2X2" peice of sandpaper are easy to carry from camp to camp, keeps your hands busy, etc.
    Note - BE CAREFUL how you hug your honey with this in your hair! It may sound silly, but you can put someone's eye out with your hair style wearing one of these!