I'm always adding new pictures and categories, as each new project is finished...You'll see a few recurring faces - I've been sewing for the people I'm fond of for a while.

Yes, this is a 'Come get custom sewing done' page, but it's also a 'See how easy it is to make something wonderful instead of mediocre' page too. A major pet peeve of mine is people who constantly insist they CAN'T do a thing, so they never bother trying. Another is people who make garb, but just make dull or downright crappy stuff. It doesn't always have to cost big money to have great garb. The biggest cost is brain power and planning time. A well-designed outfit in broadcloth looks better than a badly chosen, ill fitted one in brocade. (Remember the spandex years?)
Have a look. Feel free to ask questions. Yeah, I'll do a pattern for you, but I always prefer to have a live victim, er, subject on which to work. And yes, ANYONE can have cleavage with enough corsetry. I prefer Spring Steel Bones, myself, built onto a hidden corset inside a dress.
"it takes good bones..."

All Prices are relative, and I do love to barter. (The camera most of these were taken with came in trade for future garb, custom patterned from a picture he's seen. ). Fabrics make a lot of difference too.. if you insist on velvet, remember that as beautiful and wonderful as it is to wear, that's how much it sucks to sew. (It creeps...) Fabric can cost a week's wages, and trim more, or you can get creative and find it cheap.

I'll have a section soon for the projects where I've taught others to sew. I have included some "How To" pages in here, and have been giving advice and assistence via Email for a while now. Yes, that's free, as long as your'e nice about it. Here's why - I had a false friend way back that used to tell people "You can't make that, it's too hard. I'll do it for $XXX." I get a lot of pride and joy from watching someone else discover that they can do wonderful things, and showing them the little things that make a project it look it's best. If you're bold enough to attempt it, I'll do what I can. Give me someone new to talk garb with! I have met a VERY few who just couldn't seem to make it work... and I think there were other issues there anyway.

Now, how do you get these pretty playthings?