These are some of the patterned fabrics I have available as of May 25, 2005, in addition to the basic black, wine, dark green, chocolate brown and navy solids . Some are only a choli or a gwazhee worth, so if I get two people wanting it, it goes to whomever gets a payment in first. I'll try to keep this updated as new things come in and old things run out.
Printed cholis and gwazhees cost more for some simple reasons - the fabric costs more, it takes more fabric to cut them out so that patterns match up, and takes longer to sew together because they have more details to deal with, or they look bad. A stripe, for example, will look 'wrong' to the observing eye if misses matching by even a small amount. Prints can be worse. You lose a LOT of fabric in between pieces tring to match designs.

If you have a fabric you're already in love with, you can send it to me to get something made with it. You can also go out and shop for your own trim, to avoid that cost, or find something you love-it still adds a small charge, since it takes almost as long to add trim to some items as to make the item, but it's less. Keep in mind, trim often costs more than fabric! And a gwazhee that can be made with 2-3 yards of fabric will take 10-12 yards of trim to go around it's edges!

Please be patient with it when loading - there are a lot of big pics here - make sure you click on the pic and see the full size version, since the little ones get 'squished' sometimes!
Mail me with questions and requests!
Good for cholis and light turkish coats (gwazhees)

Good for light turkish coats (gwazhees)

Good for Tassel belts, vests, HEAVY turkish coats (gwazhees) and other heavy things


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