Finally, a simple, comfortable dance top.
Great fit and support for all sizes. Custom designed for you in your colors! JEWELRY NOT INCLUDED!
These are hand-made cholis, designed to support all sizes during belly and tribal belly dance. No gussets, but you can raise your arm s over your head without the sides pulling up and being tight. It can be decorated as much as any dance bra, but fits better and won't chafe.

All prices listed are what each type generally goes for, not so much a 'cost for this exact item'. All prices are always negotiable, especially when things are snug! And don't forget, I barter! See my 'barter for' page.

Here's a link to my current Ebay auctions. I do almost all of my auctions as custom orders, so you can get what you want in the color and style you want. If you don't see an auction for what you want, write me, and I'll send you a price. If you don't want to bid on one, you can order direct. Prices start at about $30, and go up with size, complexity, long sleeves, aprons, and decoration, etc.

My current Ebay Acutions

When you write, send me your bra size and your upper arm measurement, and preferably your under bust measurement. Include what color you want, what kind of look you want to achieve, etc. If you want a panel under the bust to cover your belly, tell me that too. I love to get mail and talk garb, so feel free to include details and chat a bit. The more info you give me, the easier it is for me to understand your ideas and make you something you really like rather than something that is 'acceptable'.

The basic V neck choli. Short sleeves, deep plunge neckline. It's not a period Indian choli, but it fits an American sized woman, supports, and looks like American woman wants to look. Shown here in a red 36D and a black 42DD, but available from a 32A up to 48F right now. We can add an apron panel in front to cover your belly if you like.

The round neck cholis. More period, a little lower cut than the originals. Also available in 32A, 36D and 42DD, maybe a 48DDD, but write me first.

Two of my favorite cholis in some lovely prints I found, for which I chose a long sleeve. The newest one has a long split sleeve. These fabrics are long gone, but ya never know what fabric I'll have - write me!

I've seen these listed as Banhini, and Banjhara, and who knows what else. I've seen a pattern for them, which has you set up your own dart - like that's not the hard part! Mine needs more decoration - more embroidery, etc. I have a 32A pattern ready, a 32-43B, a 34-36D, and the 42-46DD.

$55 - $65
My favorite fabric, Tudor Rose. Can't afford it here lately, but always feel fre to ask if I have some. I keep hoping some troupe will put in an order for several gwazhees in it or sometihng, and put up the $200 to get a roll.

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