Oriental Dance -Getting in touch with the Goddess Aspect, or just an excuse to dance....
This is my more cabaret page, for the extra bits that add to the outfit. Some are tribal-ish, and some are more cabaret, and some just got made because the parts were 'speaking to me'.
Sold for $250
GOD the work that went into this one... I should have the 'How To' booklet available for making belts and doing shisha work, ect. done very soon.
I just had to have this long fringe, and I knew it needed black velvet, but then I got distracted by shells and mirrors, so it came out more as a tribal fusion peice. Must have worked for someone! Gotta find a better source for fringe - it runs $17 a yard!
Not quite as incredible as Doumba's bras, but I ran out of kuchi bits. Amazing how long it takes to sew this stuff on! But I love the shells.... Mine's only partly done, but I want mirrors and shells too! And gold coins, and bells... hmmmm can ya stand up without falling over in one like that?

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