Border Raids 2001

Camp Carlson, KY

Here we are! Pictures of my favorite weekend event.
Every summer, at the end of June, I run around frantically to get the coolest, most comfy summer clothes together, while still looking good. This year I was also scrambling to get saris and salwar kameeses for sale at our merchant booth! (We did very well, especially for a first time attempt.) We have a new tent, thanks to JP and Priscilla, which we will be paying for as quickly as we can. Makes for great shade and relaxed afternoons... and once we get some walls made, we won't have to sleep in the tiny dome tent!
Here's to friends and family (Mom actually stopped by and had a look!) and to Stacia, without whom I'd never have had the courage to start this in the first place. Hoya, ashke Kouri!
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This is us, in our booth - Stacia doing henna, me waiting for customers...

Now, can ya guess what the picture Stacia took looked like?

Pricsilla the Hun, Aunty PT to the Dark Horde, whirlwind terror of a hundred kitchens, having a sit with our oasis mascot camel. I wish I'd gotten a picture of her that night with her 'belly dancing bear'!

Kiddo, just chillin out after getting her face painted.

"Well, Ya know,..." Mike, just kinda hanging out in the tent, waiting for them to pop the keg. You can see those great belts in the background again..

Me, making sure that I have a a picture of me in my garb for once for my Mom, who thinks I can't let go of my camera! Granted, I usually take more pictures of other people, but I can't get garb ideas from what I've already got! Getting dusky out...

Making sure I have this outfit imaged for the Garb Page later.

The Princess, with her entourage, (yeah, she calls me Goddess of the Seam, so there!) before the dancing. I tried to get her out in the circle, but she wasn't ready. Another bottle perhaps? I taded her hte oufit for a headache relief entergy treatment. Her hubby is an incredible chiropractor!

Stacia, myself, and Michael, just hanging out...

Stacia enjoying the music, which didn't come close to Mark's drumming, but then, she's spoiled! LOL! Not everyone has a drumming fanatic in their own home.

See! I did it! I'm dancing in public, on purpose, and not even drunk to do it! THough I hear it would have helped...

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