Belly Dance music!

Some of my favorite music...

If you just click on the links below, they will play in whatever you've set as your default MP3 player. Right click on them and choose 'Save Target As' to download them to any folder you specify. .

Krishna Das,  - Om Navah Shiva - found on several of his CDs. Mostly bhajans, choral chants, kinda 'hindu hymns', I like to call them. Very spiritual, but also great to dance to, as they can get pretty energetic. Warning- they may start slow, but they usually speed up, and they can be LONG, so you better be in shape to dance to more than one in a row!

Dark Moon High Tide -Afro-Celt Sound System

Mostafa Sax by Alfrah Baladi - Arabic belly dance music from Egypt. Seems to be a staple of most dancer's collections.

Walk Like an Egyptian by you know who! Remixed just for us dancers! From Desert Roses3. Took me so long to find it...

NOT bellydance music, but worth hearing.

Prayer of St.Francis by Sarah McLachlan- something I listen to to feel better and remind myself that there is a bigger life than what happens to be going on at that moment.


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