Oriental Dance - Getting in touch with the Goddess Aspect, or just an excuse to dance....

Click on any of the thumbnails to get to the page for each piece/group. Cholis have a page, turbans have their page, etc. Just a few of each to give an idea of things to consider and plan for, with descriptions, etc.

Look here to find links and downloads to great belly dance music or many varieties!

Here's a link to my current Ebay auctions. I do almost all of my auctions as custom orders, so you can get what you want in the color and stye you want. If you don't see an auction for what you want, write me, and I'll send you a price. If you don't want to bid on one, you can order direct.
Yes, I cam make alot of things that aren't listed in auctions, but I haven't taken the time to do up an HTML for them yet. Feel free to ask me about skirts, pants, etc..
All prices listed are what each item went for, not so much a 'cost for this exact item'. All prices are always negotiable, especially when things are snug! And don't forget, I barter! See my 'barter for' page.

My current Ebay Acutions

The gwazhee coat/Yelek - A bold and authentic to period (though this is always debated) item. Between knee and ankle length, it is often split up the sides and back over the hip, with elbow or longer sleeves. The dangling draped piece is treated differently by everyone that wears it. I usually go for simple right now, adding a narrow scarf piece about a foot long to the sleeve bottom, but we can also go sleeveless or long sleeeves with a split up the front.
Cholis - A basic staple for the dance, cholis look very nice in simple solid or print cottons, but I've made a few on other fabrics when the colors was too much to pass up. These can be worn plain, but it's a perfect place to add color and texture to your outfit. Trim around the neck, stamping, beading, embroidery, shisha, etc, all can be added to make a choli as decorative as any dance bra.
The turban hats- made for tribal belly dance, and specifically so I don't have to try and tie them anymore, much less try to keep one tied while I dance! Often seen on Ebay now, they are a sewn-together structure you put on like a bandanna hat and tie snugly in back. Usually open behind the rolls to let body heat out.
Some favorite pics, just to give you some more ideas...

This is me at Border Raids 2001, taking a break from merchanting and munching and talking garb, and the similar outfit I danced in that night.
This set is a gauze choli (one with block printing in gold around the neckline that kiddo's matched) and a matching headwrap. The circle and a half skirt with matching gold print around the hem is barely visible under the double layer pointed sari skirt and turkish jingle belt and beaded hip wrap. My headdress was really a heavy shoestring with several kuchi pendants on it.
A slightly more barbaric creation in brown suede, this halter bra and belt set worked well with a red hand-dyed circle skirt and jingle belt for a simple hot summer day. Push-up pads in the cups kept things 'positioned' properly and added roundness. The suede set would eventually be covered in sisha mirrors and kuchi pendants for a more authentic look, but is seldom worn now, in favor of more 'period' garb. Details in picture.

A more cabaret style outfit,with two skirts. This bra started it's life as a swimsuit pattern, but the sides had to be widened, and the front closure added. I'd considered covering it in beads, but don't wear it often enough now to bother. The turkish vest takes about a yard of brocade, and the skirt and sleeves took about 7-9 yards. Details in pictures.

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