Because money is always a problem, some people aren't comfortable with PayPal or other online payment services, and others just love to barter, I made a list of things I'm looking for and for which I'm interested in bartering garb and massage. New, used, it all depends... write me, and we'll talk it over.

If you need to use a credit card but don't have PayPal, you can send me gift certificates via email, - ebay, Walmart, Hancock's Fabrics,,,,, AutoZone, name it, I can find a use for it! If you work at these companies, imagine how much you save with your discount!

Fabric - you have fabrics and trim gathering dust, I may be able to use it. I prefer cottons and such, and brocades are often poly and rayon, but you never know what might be useful.

I also have a Wish List on, under and I trade work - if you make something, drop me a line, and maybe we can trade off - I can always use new merchandise if it's not something I need myself, and it's always nice to get your product out in a new market.
First - big ticket items - trading for multiple outfits, Elizabethan size outfits, etc...

Spoke wheel tent, at least 16 foot across

Sunforger tent canvas - Teal/peacock, blood red, black...- I need about 100 yards total to make a tent!

Next - medium ticket items - for medium/large outfits, 'sets' and such...
Gift Certificates for free plants by mail, from a group that helps put diables people to work in a nice place. 1"- 2" bamboo poles, at least 6 foot long to make furniture
a GOOD embroidery sewing machine, one I can build my own patterns into - Husqvarna Viking Designer SE, Singer Quantum XL 5000 type. dress form kit ($90) pants form kit ($75)and foam (both - $?)
BIG Sears X-Cargo hard luggage carrier. Space Bags - LARGE ones, mostly. Great for camping, and for in home storage.
A really nice corner shelf, about 6' tall, 30" deep, preferably bamboo/rattan, for my massage room. Or bamboo supplies to make it! I need live pants for my garden!! Roman Chamomille, Lavender, Giant Reed, etc.
I can always use leather - chrome tanned, shoe weight, no smaller than 2 square feet per peice. I could take a brown or black leather couch in good condition! Lots o' boots out of a couch. If you're local - I NEED CARPET AND PANELING!!! And I always need yardwork. And home repairs, and so on.
Kenmore ultra mini sewing machine - $100 at Sears Permanent Eyeliner and eyebrows!!!
Fake Tiger skin rug W/ head - I found them on ebay -minimum 92"X57" Real or fake large statuary for my yard
GOOD treadmill. 1.5" dia. rattan for making sturdy shelves
Nice artificial greenery - I love trees, ivy and ferns... can't grow jack myself Fabric BloPens!!!
soft Soy Wax for candles and solid perfumes Permanent Eyeliner and eyebrows!!!
Craftsman router carpet shampooer
4 thread mini serger electric ignition propane lanterns
belly dance jewelry and clothes red Air Chair swinging chair
Ph. bambusoides or Ph. angusta "stone bamboo" and Ph. Nigra from Steam Mouse - portable steam machine
Sea shell Mist maker/Fogger fountain wooden arch or gazebo
Patio furniture - table and chairs park bench

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